Grade Two


Second Grade is an exciting year for students to apply newly acquired skills and expand their learning. Through a balanced literacy program, they will participate in both reading and writing workshops and be encouraged to stretch their thinking skills in these areas. Opportunities to share student work are provided frequently and investment in work by second graders becomes more apparent. Students in second grade become more independent as readers and writers, striving toward creating quality work products. Students enjoy building their classroom community during class meetings. They learn to develop and exhibit appropriate social interaction and problem solving skills, which help to create a respectful, positive, and caring classroom environment.

Second Grade students explore various topics and themes throughout the year.

Some examples include:

Math: Number Sense and Place Value, Model and Compare 3 Digit Numbers ELA: Making Meaning of Text, Understanding Story Elements, Gathering Information Science: Mapping Land and Water, Needs and Interactions, Using Materials in Design 

Art - Line, Color Texture, Shape,
Music -Singing, Rhythm, Beat, Melody
Physical Education / Health: Fitness, Cooperative Activities,  Gymnastics, Dance

Our Second Grade Team:

  • Mrs. Shannon Carrizzo
  • Mr. Anthony Liberati
  • Mrs. Irene Drake
  • Mrs. Laura Dobrindt
  • Mr. Michael Pierce

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