Grade Three

3 2019-2020

The goal of 
Third Grade is for students to strengthen their academic comprehension, while also increasing their ownership of their personal choices. In our academic curriculum areas, the students are guided towards not only developing deeper meaning, but also are given the means with which to articulate their thought processes. Work becomes increasingly more independent and requires the students to be organized in their approaches. The students are expected to keep track of their higher volume of homework with planners (which are provided by the school). Socially, the students are guided towards recognizing that they are presented with choices each and every day. As a result, the students actively work towards increasing their awareness of their actions. With a focus on ownership, third grade empowers children to not only grow as inquisitive students, but also as positive, young people.

Third grade students explore various topics and themes throughout the year.

Some examples include:

Math: Understand Multiplication, Multiplication Facts & Strategies, Understand Fractions ELA: Making Meaning of Text, Understanding Story Elements, Gathering Information Science: Dealing with Hazardous Weather, Organisms Change Over Time 

Art - Line, Color Texture, Shape,
Music -Singing, Rhythm, Beat, Melody
Physical Education / Health: Fitness, Cooperative Activities,  Gymnastics, Dance

Our Third Grade Team:

  • Ms. Samantha Celio 
  • Mrs. Jennifer D’Amico 
  • Mrs. Irene Drake 
  • Mrs. Victoria Guarino
  • Mr. Michael Pierce 

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