K 2019-20
Kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth and learning. A major focus of kindergarten, especially during the first half of the year, is social and emotional development and the establishment of good work habits. Children learn to follow directions the first time being asked, to get along with others, to wait for their turn and to be part of a large group. This social development and learning is key to a child’s academic learning and social success. In addition, good work habits are stressed. Taking time and doing one’s best are important concepts introduced in the beginning of the year. A great deal of emphasis is also placed on taking responsibility for one’s actions and accepting appropriate consequences. A very important focus of Kindergarten is to instill a love of learning and to establish a positive feeling about school.


Kindergarten students explore various topics and themes throughout the year. Some examples include:

Math: Two Dimensional Shapes, Represent Count and Write Numbers ELA: Making Meaning of Text, Understanding Story Elements, Gathering Information Science: Using the Sun, Dealing With Weather, Using Force to Change Motion

Art - Line, Color Texture, Shape
Music - Voice, Rhythm, Beat, Melody
Physical Education / Health: Fitness, Cooperative Activities, Locomotor Skills

Our Kindergarten Team:

  • Mrs. Andrea Callahan  
  • Mrs. Kristine Komorowski
  • Mrs. Keri Luchsinger  
  • Mrs. Ann Martinelli  
  • Mrs. Kristin Sprock

Helpful websites for parents and students:

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