Administrative Staff

Trish Soucy - Principal   Email:[email protected]

Office Staff
Karen Rowe - Secretary to Principal      Email: [email protected]
Felice Delano- Special Education Secretary 
Robin Lamontagne - Nurse

 Andrea Callahan 
 Email: [email protected] 
 Kristine Komorowski
Email: [email protected]
 Keri Luchsinger  Email: [email protected]
 Ann Martinelli   Email:[email protected]
 Kristin Sprock  Email:[email protected]

First Grade
 Christy Bibb  Email: [email protected]
 Taryn McCormick Email: [email protected]
 Danielle Dispenza
Email: [email protected]
 Thomas Blake Email: [email protected]
 Amanda Stephens Email: [email protected]

Second Grade

 Laura Dobrindt     Email: [email protected] 
 Irene Drake  Email: [email protected]
 Shannon Carrizzo  Email: [email protected]
 Tony Liberati  Email: [email protected]
 Bridget Hartshone  Email: [email protected]

Special Education
 Samantha Hannon  Email: [email protected]
 Elaine O'Keefe  Email: [email protected]
 Jake Craybas Email: [email protected] 
 Lindsey Jakun-Harsch - BCBA Email: [email protected] 

 Amber Conley- Special Education 
 Cristin Messinger - Special Education
 Clarie Macchi - Special Education
 Danielle Spinelli - Special Education
 Olga Verses - Special Education
 Dionne Daniels - Special Education
 Melissa Kinsman - Special Education
 Janet Murray - Reading
 Cathi McCabe - Math
 Suzanne McCloskey - Kindergarten
 Pat Carraturo - Kindergarten

 Dennis Arcano - Music General    Email: [email protected]
 Brittany Kearney - Art  Email: [email protected]
 Peter Jamieson - Physical Education  Email: [email protected]
 Michael Pierce - Computers  Email: [email protected]
 Kerry Collins - Media  Email: [email protected]
 Betty Santiago - Reading Specialist  Email: [email protected]
 Michelle Pashaian - Reading Specialist   Email: [email protected]
 Valerie DeWitt - Speech/Language  Email: [email protected]
 Amy Shulkin - School Psychologist  Email: [email protected]
 Lindsey DeFrancisco - School Based Health Email: [email protected] 
 Mary Plunske - Guidance  Email: [email protected]
 Carolyn Keller - Social Worker  Email: [email protected]
 Erin Brown - ELA Instructional Coach  Email: [email protected]
 Kit Nielsen - Science Instructional Coach  Email: [email protected] 
 Danielle Legnard - Math Instructional Coach  Email: [email protected]
 Kathleen Ryter - Math Specialist  Email: [email protected]
 Lisa Geist - Math Specialist Email: [email protected] 
 Terri Tedesco - EL Tutor  Email: [email protected]
 Lois Brockmann - Physical Therapist  Email: [email protected]
Emerald Eggert- Occupational Therapist  Email: [email protected]
Sherri Brodsky - Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Email: [email protected] 

Building Substitutes
Rollie Issa
Jennifer Ferguson
Lisa Febbraro
Ashley May Williams
Ann Cadadei


Tracy O'Hara
Melissa Perrotti
Robert Mora
Basia Lagravanese
Bridget Chin
Iris Rivera
Jane Mailey
Doris Germinaro
Marilyn Bonafacio


Anthony Wilkie
Sean Gracie
Daniel Tucciarone